How did the idea come up?

A genuine Tyrolean (Philipp Zellner born in Tyrol, Wörgl) created TirolAir in summer 2019.
The foundation was set by this enthusiastic pilot, which practices paragliding in solo disciplines, such as aerobatics and cross-country flying (Himalayan mountains, European Alpine region….).
And countless of tandem flights with local as well as international tandem companies (in Tyrol, Salzburg, Carinthia, Guatemala, Canary Islands …).
With great passion and heart for his work and people, the step to self-employment came across.

Our mission:

We are here to make your dream of flying come true, and we want you to experience the positive effects of flying and take you in the air.
In paragliding, we only need our wing and the wind to carry us through the air. We don’t need an engine or gasoline. This makes us proud to be able to call this sport a “green activity”.
We are for the region and strengthening the Kitzbühel Alps tourism (region: Wilder Kaiser, Söll, Brixental, Hopfgarten im Brixental, Westendorf …).
We are for transparency and togetherness in the paragliding scene, and maybe we revitalize the community!?

About Us

The team

Philipp Zellner, founder of TirolAir, is your pilot.
For couple flights and parallel flights, you will meet other team players. We are proud to treat our competitors with respect. And so we cooperate with other strictly selected full professionals who live our philosophy. Here is a little introduction, beside all their tandem profession of these interesting fellows.

Philipp Zellner

Philipp is the founder of TirolAir … you just have to get to know him.
Whether on the slackline, hanging on a rope in a steep wall or circling above the summit like an eagle, his big playground is the mountains. His trademark includes his dreadlocks and his arrival with his VW T 3 bus. India is his second home. There he loves to take his tend and wing and explore untouched areas in the Himalayan mountains.

– Cross-country pilot
– Hike&Fly pilot
– Aerobatic pilot
– 2017 record flight of Asia’s largest FAI triangle flight in the Himalayas

Himalayan Paragliding Philipp
Waggastyle Chile
Philipp crossing the alps
Philipp in Indien
X-Alps-4 Philipp

Johanna Elsner

Johanna, from Germany’s Allgäu region, is an avid hike & fly and cross-country paragliding pilot. Her lifelong love for the mountains fuels her passion for combining climbing with flying. With experience in paragliding workshops, she ensures our tandem flights have top-notch equipment.
You will love to fly with her.

– Cross-country pilot
– Hike&Fly pilot
– Glider repair expert

Lukas Neu

Lukas learned to fly at a young age from his father. He quickly became familiar with the Vorarlberg Alps in Austria. His interest in aerobatic flying grew, and at just 16 years old, he participated in his first aerobatics competition. Lukas is now a professional pilot and ranks among the top aerobatic pilots in the world. Ground spirals, cross-country flying, and Hike&Fly are essential parts of his daily routine. Lukas enjoys tandem flying in Austria and Tenerife. However, don’t worry about too much action; he has already showcased the various aspects of paragliding to numerous passengers.

– Cross-country pilot
– Hike&Fly pilot
– Aerobatic pilot

Daniela Martín

She started paragliding when she was 14 years old. Always motivated to fly maneuvers. Her first aerobatic competition was in 2010. Dani likes to be outside. If she is not in the air, maybe she is horse riding, hiking, skiing, kitesurfing or climbing.
Fly with the friendly and empathic power woman.
– Aerobatic pilot
– Hike&Fly pilot
– 2013 woman World Record: 50 Infinity Tumbling turns
– 2014 3rd woman in the Aerobatic Paragliding World Cup
Pilot Daniela
Dani flying tandem inside view
Dani tumbles
Acro flight with smoke
Daniela TirolAir Tandem

Lukas Thöni

The father of two kids is an enthusiastic hike & fly and cross-country pilot.
Lukas knows the Kitzbühel Alps like the back of his hand and is known and appreciated by many locals in Ellmau and the surrounding area. When he’s not in the air, he’s running, going by bike, climbing and much more. He will show you this beautiful mountain area.

– Cross-country pilot
– Hike&Fly pilot
– 2018 X-Pyr Hike & Fly competition in the Pyrenees, Spain
– Several participations in the famous BordAirRace

Pilot Lukas

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