Flight Info

Paragliding Start

The Launch

We start at the top of the mountain on a grassy or snowy slope. After a detailed introduction, we put on and prepare the flight equipment. Shortly the pilot and passenger are ready to launch. Together you will start walking a few steps, which then get faster and faster and suddenly you will take off!

Paragliding Flug

The Flight

Now it´s time only to enjoy! Once comfortably made in the flight seat, you can enjoy the landscape and wave at the spectators. In flight, we laugh, pose, talk or just let the arms dangle. The feeling of flying is beyond description, and this should everyone experience at least once in his life.

Paragliding Landung

The Landing

In the end, they all come down once. Joke aside. It is easier and more gentle than expected. As a passenger, you will stretch your legs out when you land and leave them raised. If the conditions allow, you end up elegantly walking 2-3 steps in the very end. The pilot will give you the fitting instructions and land or glide softly with you over the landing field.

Frequently asked questions

What is required to be able to fly with you?

You should be in a good physical condition. Wear suitable clothing so that you can walk safely and that you will not freeze in the air. And of course, your wish to fly should be your motivation.

Where is the meeting point?

The meeting point on the day of your tandem flight is in front of the respective cable car station. Right in front of the ticket counter. Your TiroAir pilot will wait for you there.

Söll oder Hopfgarten im Brixental

I have disabilities. Can I still fly?

If you have limitations that reduce the safety of you and the pilot, a flight may not take place (e.g., alcohol, special medication, surgery or fractures).

Please talk to us about your disabilities. The pilot then decides on additional safety measures (e.g., more adapted weather conditions, special instructions or assistance).
Many things you wouldn´t think of are still manageable for the tandem pilot with the right settings.

For example, Philipp flew with a blind passenger. It was a beautiful and impressive experience for both!

Can I take pictures in the air with my cell phone?

Unfortunately not! We must stow away your mobile phone and valuables safely before the flight. We don’t want a thing to get lost by it falling from the sky or anyone getting hurt because of dropping things on their heads. We hope you appreciate that.
But feel free to use our additional service ➡️ Photo/Video Package. We shoot high-quality photos and videos with the GoPro (action camera) for €29/per flight.

How much time should I plan for my flight?

You have probably already discovered the flight times in the flight overview; here. For the Genießer- und Acrobatiklug, we plan about 1.5 hours to be with you (from meet&greet, cable car ride, preparation, flight, landing, packing up, and so).

The Thermikflug will need around 2 hours

If you have planned a Streckenflug (cross-country flight), it is best to keep a whole morning or afternoon free. See it as an exclusive day tour in the Kitzbühel Alps.

Please understand that there may be delays, as we only start under perfect conditions. Safety first!

Is the cable car ride included in the flight price?

As the lift stations are independent companies, we need to consider the cable car ride to the mountain as your journey for your adventure with us.
The down transport (flight) will happen of course, with us :). So, please just buy a one-way ticket for the mountain.

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